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Individual song total - 235 song titles

James Booker, The Lost Paramount Tapes  
Don Preston, Sacre Blues  
Daniel Moore, Take It To Heart  
Daniel Moore, Unplugged  
Daniel Moore, Give Me The Truth  
Daniel Moore,  Fittin To Go Off  
Daniel Moore, The Wolf And The Chicken  
Daniel Moore, Maintain  
Daniel Moore, Limited Parking  
Daniel Moore, Martin And Daniel  
Daniel Moore, The Giveaway  
Daniel Moore, Riding A Horse And Holding Up The World  
Daniel Moore Cowriters, Beware Of The World  
Danny Timms, One More Roll Of The Dice  
Eddie Zip, New Orleans Live In Hollywood  
Eddie Zip, A Night In New Orleans  
The Fastest Group Alive, Half Fast  
Fort Worth West  
Daniel Moore, Yosemite Wonderland  
Daniel Moore, (single),  Mae  
Daniel Moore, (single), The Giveway  
Daniel Moore, Instrumental (single), Santa Paula Serenade (feat. Darrell Leonard & Jerry Peterson  
The Moore Brothers Band, (single), Ticket To Malibu  
The Moore Brothers Band, (single), Thunder Rider  
The Fastest Group Alive, (single), Stranded In The Jungle  
Jeff Thomas, (single), Don't Try To Lay No Boogie Woogie  
Danny Timms, (single), One More Roll Of The Dice  
Danny Timms, (single) Soul Time  
Daniel Moore, (single), Sweet Love Song To My Soul  
Daniel Moore, (single), Mona Mona  
Danny  Flowers
(single) Still Ain’t Out Of The Woods  Listen
Jerry Lynn Williams
(Single) - Crazy Over You
Jerry Lynn Williams
(Single) - Always and forever
  Jerry Lynn Williams
(Single) - Suddenly
Video of Danny Timms’
 “One More Roll Of The Dice”

Daniel Moore 1977 and 2001
Daniel Moore

DJM Records is a reflection of the taste and experience of Daniel Moore and the people he has worked with over the last five decades. Daniel Moore is an established musician whose accomplishments range from performance to production. As an artist, he was signed to his first record contract in 1962, acting as his own producer and writer. He has worked continuously as a songwriter, recording artist, record producer, music publisher and record label president since then.
DJM Records takes advantage of both traditional and state of the art technologies to provide their clients with the best in production, promotion and distribution. DJM Records is distributed by Burnside Distribution Corp. 6635 N. Baltimore Ave Suite 285 Portland, OR 97203
Phone: 503-231-0876 Fax: 503-231-0420
Brooks & Dunn’s video of Daniel and
B.W. Stevenson’s song , "My Maria.”

Three Dog Night playing Daniels's song "Shambala"

               Bonnie Raitt sings Sweet Forgiveness

Waylon Jennings sings Daniel's song Jack-A-Diamonds


How about a new state song for Oregon’s 150th birthday. “OREGON” (Give Me Wings)
Author/Composer – Daniel Moore/Songs Of Universal, Inc./BMI

DOWNLOAD Jim Price's
Demonstration mp3 of the acapello Choir Arrangement of “OREGON” (Give Me Wings)

File of Jim Price's Written acapello Choir Arrangement of "OREGON"  (Give Me Wings)

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Calpine CA 96124
(805) 276-8071



Check out Daniel's "Fittin' To Go Off" DJM presents  an album from Danny Timms "One More Roll of He Dice"
DJM Records’  “Beware Of The World.”  Featuring Daniel Moore’s co-writers; Marty Grebb, Glen Clark, Jeff Thomas, Nathan Moore, Jodi Siegel & Gary Montgomery.
Hooray!! Joe Cocker's version of Daniel's song "JUST PASS IT ON" is now available on his album "HYMN FOR MY SOUL" at amazon.com.

Check out Eddie Zip's "A Night In New Orleans." DJM's releases as cds are all available at this time for only $12.98,and include: The Daniel Moore's "Beware Of The World,"  "Maintain", "The Wolf And The Chicken" , "Limited Parking," "The Giveaway," "Martin & Daniel," "Riding A Horse And Holding Up The World,"  Eddie Zip & Sweet Magnolia's N"New Orleans Live In Hollywood,"  legendary James Booker's "The Lost Paramount Tapes," Don Preston's "Sacre Blues", and DJM's country release "Fort Worth West."

As a song writer, Daniel Moore has had songs recorded by:

1. Joe Cocker, 6 songs, “Just Pass It On,” “Put Out The Light,” “If I Love You,” “Jack-A-Diamonds,” “I Can’t Say No,” and “Sweet Forgiveness.” 1975-2007
2. Bonnie Raitt, “Sweet Forgiveness” 1976
3. Three Dog Night, “Shambala” 1973
4. Brooks & Dunn, “My Maria” 1996
5. B.W. Stevenson, “My Maria” 1973
6. The Band, “Shine A Light” 1993
7. Levon Helm, “Driving At Night” 1978
8. Toby Keith, “Shambala” 2011
9. Waylon Jennings, “Jack-A-Diamonds” 1978
10. The Everly Brothers, “Deliver Me” 1967
11. Bobby Blue Bland, “Yolanda” 1974
12. Solomon Burke, “Shambala” 1975
13. Jennifer Warnes,  “Bring Ol’ Maggie Back  Home”   1976
14. Canned Heat, “One More River To Cross” 1977
15. Kenny Rogers, “Oregon” (Give Me Wings) 1975
16. Kim Carnes, “Take Me Home To Where My Heart Is” 1984
17. Tom Scott, “Deliver Me” 1968
18. The Hughes Corporation, “One More River To Cross” 1971
19. Maria Muldaur, “Lean Back Hold Steady”” 1986
20. Jerry Jeff Walker, “Cross The Borderline” 1982
21. James and Bobby Purify, “Lay Me Down Easy” 1974
22. The Dillards, “Let It Fly” 1994
23. David Clayton Thomas, “Somebody I Trusted” (Put Out The Light) 1976
24. Marsha Ball, “So Many Rivers To Cross” 2006
25. The Association, “Dreamland” 1995
26. Bonnie Bramlet, “How Do I Love You” 1975
27. Thelma Houston, “Lost and Found” 1979
28. Collin James, “Crazy Over You” 1990
29. John Harford & The Dillards, “Join The Old Refrain” 1976

Joe Cocker Singing Daniel's Song