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THE FASTEST GROUP ALIVE...Think about it...Not "another" group, not "a"  group, but THE Group...The FASTEST Group...WOW!! Ponder that...The FASTEST. Not merely swift, nor speedy, but the Fastest. What an honor. But with honor, add obligation, hard labor, inspiration and a lot of temerity, because fastness is never easy. GROUP...Consider that. Not just pretty faces and crack musicians, but a GROUP. (Unfortunately two members of the GROUP weren't Fast enough to make it to these recording sessions, but some
other nice guys did.) The Fastest Group ALIVE...Yes they're alive, and mad as heck...and we all know how sometimes being Alive can be, but consider the alternative.

 In 1966, when The Fastest Group Alive had their classic near/non-hit record, The Bears, audiences were astounded, mystified, enlightened, and, sometimes, simply annoyed. Musical icons as Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, the Rolling Stones and Bert Parks were rumored to have said, "what the heck is this" ... "I don't get it" ... "what do they have against music"..."Yikes!!!" ...and stuff like that. Rumors...but we're sticking by them.Rendered feckless, but undaunted, TFGA took a professional "fast" to think things over. Was their music too heady for the room? Was their audience missing the message?
Were they too aesthetic? Were their guitars out of tune? Were their banjos on their knee? And POW! Then it hit them: THEY WERE TOO FAST. It was then that they decided that even though they were, indeed, The Fastest Group Alive, they would record an album that was "half-fast," and POW! then that hit them: We will become Half Fast, and deliver an album that is HALF FAST. And the rest is bound to become musical history. After a long wait...a rather long wait...actually a very loooooong wait here they are again...The Fastest Group Alive is HALF FAST, and ready to kick fanny. But as they warned you in The Bears..."you better look better beware" ... sometimes they can be scary. They hope The Halloween Song, D.Loup Garou, and their current hit, Stranded In The Jungle, will scare you. Scare you bad.
Or close to it. BOO!

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